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About the Artists

Leslie Cerier   Michael Edson   Jason Kremkau   Jennifer Miller

Leslie Cerier is a photographer, cookbook author, gourmet organic caterer, cooking teacher, kitchen designer, advocate for sustainable agriculture and expert in nutrition with a Masters in Physical Education (Teachers College, Columbia University) and has taught at Barnard College, Columbia University and Eastern Kentucky University.

Leslie is returning to photography with a show in Northampton, April 2005. Back in the late 70's, Leslie was on scholarship to the International Center of Photography. Her photographs of Meredith Monk, Simone Forti, and numerous contact improvisation dancers were published in Performing Arts Journal, Contact Quarterly, and used for publicity. In 1986, Leslie won awards from the Hitchcock Center (Amherst, MA) for 2 black and white photos of streams.

Leslie is available to do portrait photography, photograph movement and dance, and is creating abstract and impressionistic photos that reflect her fascination with light.

She can be contacted at

Michael Edson is a New York State Licensed acupuncturist and co-author of Natural Eye Care - A Comprehensive Manual for Practitioners of Oriental Medicine. He's an avid traveler, especially delighted by Japanese Gardens. His other hobbies include the practice of Qi Gong, hiking, tennis, golf, movies, reading and chess.

Jason Kremkau is a professional photographer. He can be reached at

Jennifer Miller is a web designer (www.prairiecomm.net) and search engine specialist. She is an amateur photographer, painter, potter, weaver, gourmet cook, and a co-creative, organic gardener. Her varied background includes many years as a paralegal, operations manager and editor.

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