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Expand Your Practice
by Becoming Part of the Internet's Leading Holistic Websites

Why are we so successful at generating patient referrals?

  • We provide free one-to-one consultations to individuals seeking advice about holistic medicine via e-mail and telephone.
  • Our websites, NaturalEyeCare.com, VisionWorksUSA.com and Acupuncture-Future.com generate about 100,000 visits per month from people interested in holistic medicine.
  • Our background as acupuncturists makes it easy to educate the public on the benefits of Oriental medicine.
  • We have a rapidly growing monthly newsletter with nearly 10,000 subscribers.

What We Need

We have ongoing requests from our customers seeking holistic professionals referrals all over the world, and are looking for licensed practitioners to join our network for these referrals.

Our Story - Why We Designed This Program

Speaking with our peers, we came to realize that the public does not understand what many holistic practitioners do and the extensive applications of Oriental medicine, and other modalities, but at the same time are seeking advice in greater numbers on ways to gain and maintain health holistically. With growing numbers coming to us for advice through our websites, we have an outstanding opportunity to show how holistic health can assist in healing and wellness.

We also realized that practitioners could use affordable marketing assistance to get their message out to the public, and therefore have designed a series of customized websites for them to express their philosophies, explain their services, and be an excellent resource for our customers to explore.

As a result, we have created the Vision Works Patient Referral Program which includes the following:

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