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Sample Sites

Here are a few professionals who use our package:

"Creating my website with Visionworks Media has more than exceeded my expectations. The customization of my site was a smooth and easy process, and all content and design changes have been made in record time! My website has turned out to be a great education resource for both existing and prospective patients, and has become a wonderful marketing tool - about 90% of my new patients are coming directly from my website! I couldn't be happier with the results, and I recommend Visionworks to all of my colleagues!"
-- Cynthia Ignatovsky, L.Ac., Santa Clara, CA,


Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., New Paltz and Rye, New York
Stanley J. Hubbard, A.P., Waynesboro, VA
Stacy Hewitt, L.Ac., Hillsboro, NC

Physical Therapy:


Therapeutic Massage:

Tracy Weber, Dubuque, Iowa, Wisconsin


Dr. Bruce Schneider
Cranio-Sacral Chiropractic Care, New Paltz, NY



Katy Bray Homeopathy, New Paltz, NY


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