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"I had a referral today from your program. Isn't that great! Overall the website has helped my business so much! It's easier than explaining to people what I do and if it's a cold referral, the patient feels more comfortable after reading my info. Thanks again for a great job."
                         -- Cynthia Rose, L.Ac., www.roseacupuncture.com

Basic Package Description

Tailored professional website

Your own website within two business days for $16.25 per month (based on annual payment plan).

You select which style, and images you'd like. You can request customization using your own images, changing images, colors, font styles.

The text can be edited online through your website's control panel or you can use a fancier WYSIWYG (that's internetese for "What You See is What You Get") website editing program such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc. Or, you can have us make the initial text changes when your site is set up.

Content is already prepared for you for a variety of healing professions. See sample sites for:

Package Services:

Package Costs:

  • Annual hosting/support fee: $195 (averages $16.25 per month), or $25.00 per month on the monthly plan (minimum 4 months to start), includes minor text changes
  • One-time implementation fee $95: (includes 5 pages with links to/from every page.)
  • One-time $10 fee per page for additional page links (does not increase monthly or annual plan fee)
  • Note: You may later add as many additional pages yourself as you wish!

Quick Start Package:
To get going really quickly, we offer our Quick Start service. You'll have the home page plus links to five pages which you will need to cover the basics (they're the first five below). We've picked an attractive font combination. You can add pages, modify existing pages and page titles or change fonts later. You won't have to make any choices - just go! $16.25 per month (Annual Plan), or $25.00 per month (4 month minimum) for your design-choice homepage as well as all the benefits listed above. Pick your design

Choose from these pre-written pages (More samples)
You can edit any of these on your own computer

* "Quickstart" content pages

Customization Package
Design your own website or have us edit your website. Prices given based an individual project. You can elect to change any of the standard images for other, or add your own images, or have us develop a new image or logo for you. In addition, we can change the text, the background colors, or the entire layout.

Online Forms
Save both time and money by allowing your clients to download and fill out your intake forms BEFORE they come into your office. We can put your forms online or develop custom forms for you with your own letterhead.

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